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About Image Marketing Specialist Judith Wentzel would like to meet the designer and learn about me, Judith A. Wentzel. Okay, here's how it all began.

Drawing of stick person with crayonFrom as far back as I can recall, probably from the first time I picked up a crayon, I have had a strong desire to create, design, and release my artistic energies.

My love of art really began to emerge at the age of 13 when I asked my parents to enroll me in a summer school course so I could learn about oil painting.

My first paintings were truly "works of art" that only a parent would love. However, as time went by, my skill developed and my talents began to shine through.

At the urging of one of my teachers, I entered a painting into the SW Florida State Fair actually winning a ribbon for honorable mention. I will always remember that day and how wonderful it felt to see the ribbon hanging on that painting. That one ribbon would represent the bond I would one day create between my clients and my art. Many years later that I discovered the secrets to ecommerce web site design and image smarter marketing.

After graduating from high school, I married a wonderful man in the U.S. Navy. We traveled a great deal and over the years I began to create paintings and portraits using oils, watercolors, acrylics and also wood burning for our home and as gifts for relatives. I enjoyed painting very much but it didn't seem to be enough any more.

Being creative is something I have always had to do. It is what motivates me. When our children were little, I taught myself to sew. This allowed me to expand my creativity, not to mention helping out with the family budget. I began to incorporate image smarter marketing into my life when I displayed and sold my work in area art shows.

I constantly dreamed of starting my own business and working from home - creating and designing, helping people achieve success. I really wanted to use the talents that God had given me to earn extra money for my family. Economics would play a large role in when I would be able to fulfill this dream. With two children in sports, band, etc. and a husband that would deploy often, we needed a stronger second income than I was able to make selling my paintings and wood burnings.

As I began to interact more and more with individuals and businesses around me, it became apparent that many business owners didn't know how to effectively market themselves or their products. I began offering my services designing image smarter postcards, letterhead, and flyers which I found I enjoyed thoroughly and which got their phones ringing.

One day I was approached by the president of the credit union where I was employed as the assistant bookkeeper. They needed an image smarter design for their annual meeting cover and asked me if I would consider helping them out. I jumped at the chance and the rest, as you could say, is history.

As time went on, I began using the internet more and more. I knew that designing ecommerce web sites incorporating image smarter marketing was something I had to do. This began to fill the artistic void I had felt for the past several years and so, when we relocated to SW Florida, I began to assist realtors and small business owners in both Lee and Collier Counties by creating marketing materials, designing their web sites, and assisting them to greater success. I was hooked!

Both of our children were older now. This was the point at which I would finally start my own business and do what I loved FULL TIME.

With each web site, with each new business client, I learned something new and the more I loved what I was doing. Especially seeing how happy my clients were with the web sites, marketing materials, and stream of new clients I helped them acieve.

Soon, word of mouth brought a new challenge... redesigning an existing web site. This opportunity was invigorating and I dove right into the challenge. I must admit I prefer to create a web site from scratch but the challenge and the reward of redesigning is too hard to resist.

I always give my clients the red carpet treatment. Each new web site design client watches their site unfold step by step. One new aspect of the site after the other is emailed independently to the client so he/she can give me feedback. Wih marketing, I work closely with my client, designing the perfect marketing plan for them and their business.

My husband now works for an engineering firm which requires extensive travel. I accompany him on the majority of his jobs since my office is primarily web based and I now have clients around the country.

Photo of Judith Wentzel, success coach, business coach, image marketing, image marketing specialist, website designer, charlotte, denver, nc.My passion with marketing evolved both me and my business. After discovering the majority of women in business have issues dealing with marketing, I began a search for the perfect marketing solution - realizing that marketing is not a one size fits all. It was after a few years of searching, studying, and trying multiple products and plans that I discovered a system that truly works and is customizable to any service oriented business. That was when I became a licensed Get Clients Now! facilitator. The system worked for me and made marketing easy and fun. Now my business clients are able to enjoy even greater success without the issues they perviously were hindered by.

I may not do as much painting these days as I would like, but that's ok. I love helping my clients transform the quality of their lives and be more successful both on the web and off.

For me, that's enough for now.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9


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